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BT Response 75+ beeps after power cut

I have a problem with my BT Response 75+. After a power cut and restart, the unit keeps making a beep even with no saved calls. The only way I have fixed it is to phone from mobile, not answer the call and the system pick it up, and then end the call. The system then shows 1 saved call, which I can play and delete, and the system is then working normally. WHY!! 

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Re: BT Response 75+ beeps after power cut

Thanks for this helpful post.  I have just had exactly the same problem and your solution works.  My old Response answering machine used to have a 9v battery which the 75+ doesn't and I suspect, although I don't know, that the beeping may be the unit complaining that it's internal lithium battery may be charging.  It's an odd design flaw if that's true.

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Re: BT Response 75+ beeps after power cut

I have just purchased a reconditioned Response 75+ unit from The Phone Outlet and experienced exactly the same problem as described.  Having had years of good service from my old Response 55 unit I was disappointed to find that the 75+ has no battery back-up but, hey ho, I should have checked the specification first! (Never assume anything!)

The beep syndrome is obviously a design fault and it is frustrating that no-one appears to have got round to providing a service fix. In the meantime at least I know how to get rid of the beep and will have to live with the defect.

Thanks for the useful post.


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