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BT Response 75, 'd' fault code and beeping

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Every time the phone rings and we answer it the answer machine displays the code 'd' on the display and starts loudly beeping, making it almost impossible to hear the person on the phone. This noise does stop if/when we click the stop button on the machine.


Any advice would be greatly received!

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Re: BT Response 75, 'd' fault code and beeping

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Hi Aliali204,


I have taken a read through the userguide and my understanding of it is when your answer machine is displaying the code d, this is because it is dialling 1471 to get the previous callers details.


You could try switching off this function to see if that helps. You can do this by pressing the "1471 button and you will hear 1471 on or off and you can select as appropriate. I hope this helps.



Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: BT Response 75, 'd' fault code and beeping

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Just signed up to say thanks!
I work in a reception and when that answerphone beeps whenever we answer a call, it's really distracting.
But thanks to you, it no longer does.

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