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BT SmartTalk - Closing or Upgrading?? Does anyone know what is happening?

My family and I have used the BT SmartTalk app for many years now and found it very useful. I wanted to check the mobile numbers attached to my BT account as it has been a while since I checked them and went online via the BT Dashboard to check the status. I was able to see a tab for magaing the service and two blank tabs for "active" and "blocked" users but no other details. (there should be five active users).

I then chatted to a BT rep who was very unhelpful. She seemed confused as to whether BT was closing the service or if they were upgrading it. Why I asked for clarification she sent me a link to a non-existent webpage and rudely terminated the chat. Not impressed with BT customer "care".


Does anybody know what is going on the BT SmartTalk service?
Is it being stopped or upgraded?

If it is being stopped - why has BT not told its customers about it?

If it is being stopped or upgraded - why have they stopped onlne mangement of it before it is stopped or upgraded?


It seems like very poor communication and service from BT.

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Re: BT SmartTalk - Closing or Upgrading?? Does anyone know what is happening?

@plusman Smart talk is going to be withdrawn in the future and we will be notifying all customers closer to the time to let them know when this will be happening but you still should be able to use and manage the service in the meantime and I am sorry that you have been unable to manage it online. 

If you use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details we get that looked into. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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