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BT Studio 4100 - no dial tone

I reckon it's the phone, but I figured I'd ask before taking it back. I've just bought a BT Studio 4100. It's to replace the binatone digital phone which is a bit old and the batteries in noticeable decline. It's not a BT line, it's through TalkTalk. The binatone still works through the socket as does the internet (using the same connection to write this) The 4100 is fully charged, plugged in etc. There's no dial tone Swap the Binatone back in, there is a dial tone Dial in from the mobile, with the 4100 connected, the line rings - the 4100 doesn't dial in from the mobile with the binatone, the binatone rings.
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Re: BT Studio 4100 - no dial tone

Hi and welcome.

By what you are saying by swapping the phone back to the binatone it does look to be a fault on the 4100.

Just to make sure, any ADSL filters that you have plugged into the 4100 have you changed them out as well?


I suggest you take the phone back to the point of sale.

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