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BT home line: quiet audio

My elderly mum has a BT phone line (and infinity). I've noticed that the audio level on the landline is very low. this occurs both with a DECT cordless, and also with 2 different corded phones. Initially I thought it was just her hearing, but did some tests with my brother and it's definately sub-par.


Inbound audio seems a little low too, though not as bad as outbound.


I remember years and years ago in the modem days making various requests about setting AGC.. Who knows what was set, but perhaps there's a legacy effect there? Would some settings cause the volume to be too low? Should it be reverted to auto if fixed? Would raising a trouble ticket get this addressed?


Is this just a case of raising a fault? Can I do that? Would dodgy config/low levels be picked up? Or must I get account holder to?
How do people find landline quality compared to mobile? perhaps I'm just spoilt my much louder handsets (putting aside the wideband codecs)  and the only fix is replacement phones? If so any recommendations for simple corded, and dect handsets that are loud?

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Re: BT home line: quiet audio

Hi @planetf1


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Have you got any further forward since posting this?  I was going to suggest adjusting the volume but I can see that it's happening on more than one device.


It's not symptoms of a line fault that I've personally ever came across.  A line fault would normally either cause noise on the line or no dial tone whatsoever.


Feel free to post back and let me know how you got on with this.





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Re: BT home line: quiet audio

I very much doubt if some of the current OR engineers would know about agc or gain balance settings. have you tried the phone direct in the test point of your main socket?
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