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BT phone wiring problem

Hi I am struggling with a rather old BT wiring system. We have a teelgraph pole and the wire comes into the loft it then joins a brown junction box type contraption with 8 terminals in two rows of 4.
Two wires come from the outside and then join a modern white cable with the standard white/blue/green/orange wires.
This then leads down to a master box which has the telephone plugged in.

The problem is our builder is doing a loft conversion and has pulled out the wires...!! have searched internet for help but cannot seem to find any links with this old brown box and how the modern wires link... there also seem to be two orange/brown wires which are broken off.

Any help would be great!!

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Re: BT phone wiring problem

Does it have any writing on it? Also what logo, if it has one has it got, i.e. the T or the horn blower guy and could you get a picture of it and post it on here?

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Re: BT phone wiring problem

What wirse are attched to the back of your master socket? As these 2 should attach to the 2 wires that come in from the poll
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Re: BT phone wiring problem

If you let me know the colours of the wires coming from the pole (poss Orange+white and Green+brown) if it is the line should come in on the orange+white.

It "should" go away to your main socket on the white cable you describe on a Blue/ white+blue wires

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Re: BT phone wiring problem

Thank you for all your replies!

Luckily my builder managed to put the right wires back... trial and error works sometimes!


incidently the wires coming in from the pole are both black....

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