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BT won't place order to port my number from Virgin

I placed an order to port my number when I opened my account as I moved out on 8th August 2014. A week passed and I had no confirmation for my number change- I followed this up 2-3 times and eventually got a confirmation e mail on 23rd august stating one day. Since then I have called BT numerous times and they have not been able to pinpoint the order. Virgin keep telling me that BT have not yet placed the order. Today I got through to a member of the number port team since raising a complaint-based in India he advised me that the reference number I have him was showing an order but had not been sent through to them to action from the sale department despite my confirmation! He gave me a contact and upon calling the sales team back in UK they advised me that the number port is all set and will go through on Monday 15th Septemeber. I think great finally- now I can stop paying my £100 per month charge to Virgin and close my account..... Wrong- I called virgin and they again advised me that BT have still not contacted them to request a number port! I can't believe this. I don't know where to go or what to do, no one in customer services can help or does not seem to care. I'm always left with a promise that its getting passed onto the next department but nothing happens. I'm paying over £100 a month to keep my virgin account open as well as my BT contract- all because BT won't place the order! Please help me has anyone else successfully ported a number from virgin? Why these problems???
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Re: BT won't place order to port my number from Virgin

Hi Stevens_terry1987


Sorry for the problems experienced when trying to port your number.


I can have this looked into for you send us an email using the contact the mods link in my profile you will find it in the section 'About Me'.






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