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BT6500 Synergy Phone

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Deos anyone know how the BT6500 phone deals with incoming Withheld Numbers or International Numbers. Does it block those calls before the telephone rings so that you are unaware of having received a call or are they immediateltly diverted to the answer machine to give the caller the ooprtunity of leaving a message? 


I have looked through the associated litrature produced but can find no explaination of the blocking system and before I purchase the phone I need to be certain that whilst blocking the majority of Witheld Number calls, I need to be kept informed as to who is trying to contact me. I want that to be done automatically and not be forced to have to listen to the incoming call before I decided to take it.


Many thanks..

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Re: BT6500 Synergy Phone

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Its not the Synergy 6500 phone, that is a different one altogether.




for an update, and a link to the manual posted by Dave. All of the answers are there.


Link to manual below.






Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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Re: BT6500 Synergy Phone

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The selected blocked numbers will be routed through to the answer phone so if it is an important call they can leave a message.  When a call comes in the phone decides what call it is and if it is blocked it will route to answer phone, but if not blocked it will allow it through and your phone will ring!!


Hope this helps! If so please click my star!!

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