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BT66 and FTTP

Ok this is my problem - I live in a new build home which has multiple phone and cat5 points all around the house.  The main line comes into the property via a BT66 junction box by the front door - my router is currently connected into a phone socket behind the TV in the living room - none of the sockets within the home are branded 'BT Master' sockets.  I currently have no problems with my ADSL broadband but am looking at installing FTTP.  My question is how will the FTTP setup be connected in my home given the current setup  and given that I still want the router to stay behind the TV in the living room (as it also feeds my CAT5 sockets around the house).  Thanks

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Re: BT66 and FTTP

If it’s a new build I’m guessing it’s UG fed.

If it’s CBT Fibre then they’ll pull the CBT Cable through the duct and tack it round the wall.

If it’s Legacy Fibre they’ll pull in Fibre Tuping and put a CSP, Customer Splice Point where it comes out at the duct end, which will be by the BT66.

Then on the day of the installation the Engineer will tack a Fibre EZ Bend Cable from the CSP to where they’re fitting the ONT.

Legacy Cable has a premade connectorised end and the max length is 30m
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Re: BT66 and FTTP

A BT 66 is used by the copper infrastructure and would not get used at all with a fttp install.
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