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BT85000 base does not register handsets

I am having problems with my BT8500 call blocker system - a three phone, base and two extra handsets. Power was lost to the base about 3-4 days ago, so when the system was powered up again, I noticed that the base handset had lost its name. Thinking that the base handset would have depleted the batteries, I replaced them with new rechargeable batteries. This then allowed me to rename the base handset. However, I still could not register it with its base. Now the device is in a catch22 - it tries to register the handset, then asks for a system PIN. No PIN had been used and I tried the usual options 0000, 1234, 9999 etc  Times out and then asks again for the handset to be registered.

I have switched the base power off and then back on - problem still there.

I have taken the base handset batteries out, then powered the base off and back on, waited for the beep and then reinstalled the handset batteries - problem still there.

I have tried to rename one of the other two handsets and register then with the base - problem still there and asking for a system PIN, when one does not exist or has been used.

Someone mentioned that the  Caller Viewer service, which I have, could be a cause.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the base sorted?





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Re: BT85000 base does not register handsets

I have this system but have never encountered that problem.

Have you tried the handbook or online help ?

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