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Bt Broadband after engineer

Around 2 weeks ago our internet started to drop frequently with the router continuously flashing orange, we contacted bt and said they found a fault on the line, they sent an engineer and everything was fine up until yesterday where we started to encounter more drops and the router flashing orange. Again we contacted bt and they arranged for an engineer to come today. The engineer said there was a problem with the socket and he changed that did his tests and said everything was fine. But, after the engineer went the router is still flashing orange and I’d say it’s been blue about 5 times for about 10 minutes. Is this normal for the router to be orange after a fix and do we need to just be patient
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Bt Broadband after engineer

that is not normal  are you able to remove front of master and connect to the test socket with a filter and see if that stabilises your connection  if not get engineer back

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