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Cable installed in wrong place



I have decided to post on here as B.T's customer service is the most shocking I have ever experienced!. Its like all the advisors are trained to avoid helping you or just can't be bothered. Anyway I just wanted some advice on an issue I have with B.T/Openreach. One of the engineers came on June 1st 2016 to install my fibre cable, I live in a block of flats and the cable needed to run from a cubard across the hall to my flat. The engineer told me he would run it via the walls and skirting boards but I was unsure of this and asked him 'are you sure this will be ok as its a communal hallway', to which he replied 'yeah no problem don't worry we do this in all flats'. 5 days ago I recieved a call from the managment company of the communal areas demanding that the cable be removed out of sight as nothing can be put anywhere on commual walls, I tried contacting Openreach who sent me to B.T and vice versa from pilow to post to try get this sorted. Eventuallt I spoke to an advisor called Leon who asked me to give him till Tuedsay to sort it and he will call back, I don't trust him though as many times in the past when B.T say they will call me they never have!. Who would be best to contact to get this sorted?. I think the next step now is Citizens Advice.


Many Thanks 

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Re: Cable installed in wrong place

Fibre cable ?, are you on FTTC 'infinity', if that the case it isn't a 'fibre cable ' 

In situations like yours, when the building was built, normally cables for the phone would be  installed behind walls  etc back to a common point, then obviously unless it's faulty , the engineer should use that, if the building wasn't wired that way, but the service is in a cupboard across the hall from your flat, then obviously to get service into your flat a cable needs to be run from this cupboard to your flat, and it will be suface mounted ( run along skirting boards etc)

if your neighbours have service from providers that use OR infrastructure , you could ask them how their service arrives in their flats, if there are  hidden cables in their flats that go back to a common utility area, then your flat presumably would have the same arrangement, and if that's the case it seems strange that the OR engineer (or contractor working on behalf of them) would provide unneccasary cabling,when this simple solution is available , but  if there are no hidden cables though, what the engineer provided is correct and you should have obtained any landlord permissions before the engineer turned up

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