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Re: Caller ID not working - 'support' will not fix

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And the mods did indeed sort that part of the problem at the time, for which I was very grateful. However, the technical problem persists, and I can't go anywhere else. I keep getting the same replies from BT customer service who in turn try the openreach engineers who then say everything is fixed. Except it isn't. Where do I go? Who do I contact next? It's almost impossible to get this fixed. They say there isn't a fault. There is. They say it's a nationwide problem. It might be but my problem isn't. I have chased this around until I am tired. All I want is a phone to work with the features offered. Should I accept a washing machine that doesn't rinse or empty because an engineer can't sort it out? No. Neither would you. I am simply looking for someone, somewhere to persue this properly to the end. I don't expect the mods on here to fix the fault, but it would be really helpful if there was a number to phone to take things to the next stage.

they have until Tuesday.

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