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Re: Caller ID service that is not fit for purpose

"Perhaps you  could provide some evidence of your assertion of a 'scam call' that had a particular target in mind and then adjusted the CLI presentation to spoof the number of the targets genuine Bank phone number"

I refer you to the immediately preceding post 39 where I copied and pasted from the BT recommened thinkjessica link where it says:

"Fraudsters often use a tactic called ‘number spoofing’, in order to make their call appear genuine. The number you see on your phone display matches that of your bank. . . .  ."

(my emphasis)

which links to


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Re: Caller ID service that is not fit for purpose

Hardly a case history is it ?, although possible , I've never seen a news report , or a post on a forum such as this, or even heard suggestion of CLI manipulation of a particular phone number , targeting a specific individual , so that the slammer could say to the target ' look at the number on your caller display , look up the number , that verifies I'm who I say I am' ,  after all not every phone has caller display , and up until recently it wasn't a service end users had automatically, so isn't likely to reap much reward for the scammer whereas there are many instances of blanket spoofed CLI calls ( designed to get around anonymous call rejection) and even if only 1in 1000 answer the call, they only had to set up the spoof number once.

Although the sentiment of the 'thinkjessica' link is hard to disagree with, it's not a specific example, but I personally have had emails purportedly from my Bank, that were designed to defraud, and I dare say many many more people have had that experience, rather than a targeted CLI scam call ( not the blanket CLI scam) I know which is more prevalent, and if you are suggesting BT alone are responsible if someone answering a call with a spoofed number because on the BT website , they don't specifically say it's possible that the number may be deceptive , then what about all the other Telco's that use CLI , and what about Email providers , you on their case too ? 


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Re: Caller ID service that is not fit for purpose

Interestingly, I've personally not seen any indication that the scammers are spoofing actual bank (or other company) numbers. Virtually all of their stuff seems to be random numbers, typically in ranges not allocated by Ofcom. To me that must be deliberate.

I can think of a few reasons why they do this, and many more why not! The email spoofing has quite often been corporate addresses, or a very close approximation to their email address.

In the recent past, they used to say "hang up and call your bank". That was when the system had a 90 second timer when the called number hung up, but the caller was still there. That issue was stopped a few years ago or so. Since then the spoofing has got worse.

With regard other telcos, certainly TalkTalk and Sky don't mention spoofing, so they all seem to be doing the same. I personally believe that they should at least say it's possible, however that might even make things worse! But again, having caller ID displayed is better than not in my view.