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Caller line display failure with a Gigaset cordless answerphone

Rather than adding to my previous posting I am restating my problem in the hope that somone has an answer to my puzzle.


I have failed to identify the cause of my Siemens Gigaset S795 cordless answerphone/handset system failing to show the incoming caller display.   BT have now reset whatever they do in the local exchange 4 times and are sure the problem is not in their part of the system.

To summarise my problem solving process so far:

  1. The system worked perfectly until 2 months ago.
  2. *#234# confirms caller display is active.
  3. An old BT standard handset displays incoming numbers properly.
  4. A brand new replacement base unit has exactly the same problem.
  5. Plugging directly into the BT master socket with the faceplate removed makes no difference.
  6. The Siemens base and handset works and displays callers correctly when plugged into my neighbour's line.
  7. My neighbour's Panasonic cordless phone displays correctly when plugged into my line.
  8. Siemens Gigaset helpline gave me 2 different codes to reprogram the eeprom and we also completely reset the base unit. This made no difference.
  9. Reversing the polarity of the incoming BT line makes no difference.
  10. The phone makes and receives calls and the broadband is unaffected.

My suspicion is that the final overhead wires to the house are of a similar 20 year old vintage to the house and may be affecting the incoming signal. 


Am I correct in assuming that an increased impedance might affect the ?lower frequency CLI signal while not affecting the higher broadband and speech signals?

Apart from buying yet another handset (Panasonic) is there anthing else I can try or suggest to BT?


All help and suggestions gratefully received.

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Re: Caller line display failure with a Gigaset cordless answerphone

At last.  Posted to help others.


After multiple phone calls, script following 'help- lines', emails, messages and a tweet or two plus one engineers visit to confirm the line was OK it has finally been fixed.  Today I had a second BT openreach engineer who appeared to know immediately what the fault was.  After repeating all the previous engineer's checks he returned to the exchange to replace the ADSL unit and all is well again.


Now to see whether BT will compensate me for all my wasted time over the last 2 months especially after repeatedly threatening me with the £129.99 charge if nothing had been found.


Good luck to anyone else who has this problem.


BTW it was the second identical problem that this engineer had seen recently in the same (short) road.

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Re: Caller line display failure with a Gigaset cordless answerphone

I appear to be having the exact same problem to the above. A gradual decline in caller id  performance and now it has stopped altogether. All checks done my end. How can I get this looked at?

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Re: Caller line display failure with a Gigaset cordless answerphone


You have posted on a topic that is over 5 years old, hence you are unlikley to get an answer from the OP.

I would suggest you start your own thread, stating the problem, and requesting help.

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