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Calls Not Made

I moved into my property in September and set up new broadband with by, first bill had no issues. The next two had charges for calls made two to local numbers and some to the speaking clock. I spoke to BT and explained I only pay for the line as I had to in order to have broadband. I do not have a physical handset at all so could not possibly have made these calls, and the customer service member issued me a refund for the calls made.
However I have just looked at my most recent activity and can see I have a call to a local number on this bill. These are only small amounts but I'm charged for them and didn't make them, it's not even possible for me to have made them.
I'd message for a refund again but if I have to do this every month then it's going to get a bit ridiculous.
Does anybody know what might be causing this and how to get it sorted?

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Re: Calls Not Made

@Corella1 Welcome to this user forum.

Its possible your line is crossed with another. If you can plug a phone into the socket, and dial 17070, you will get an announcement telling you your phone number.

Check this against your phone number shown on your bill, to make sure its the same.

If its not, then make a note of the number you get, and let BT know, so they can investigate.

That is the only way to prove it. A cheap wired phone cost less that £10.

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Re: Calls Not Made

I'll give it a go and see if that's the issue.
Thanks for the tip, I'll update when I've tried it out.
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