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Can I cancel bt phone line

Hello, I have bt phone, but I dont need longer, how I can cancel my contract?

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Re: Can I cancel bt phone line

When you so, I have a BT phone do you mean you want to cancel the rental of an actual handset you rent from BT or the phone line itself?


If it is the line just ring 150 from your land line or 0330 1234 151 from your mobile, when you get through to an agent say, ‘I don’t need my phone line anymore; I would like to cancel it’.


The agent will more than likely ask why and may try to convince you to stay by offering you a deal. Just say, ‘no, I don’t need it anymore, please cancel it and send me a final bill’.


The agent will then place a cease order, which they can usually do for the same day and then hey presto the line has been cancelled.


If you need to just cancel the rental of a handset just do the same as above but instead of asking to cancel the line just ask to cancel the rental of the phone.

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Re: Can I cancel bt phone line

If you are still in contract BT may charge you see

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