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Can't receive incoming calls



Since my account with BT activated on 17 Feb, I have been unable to receive incoming calls if someone calls me on their landline. When they call, they either get an engaged tone or "this number is not recognised". Bizarelly, I am able to receive calls from mobiles! I have rang BT a number of times about this. They initally sent out an engineer to test my line and exchange. He could find nothing wrong and suggested that the fault could lie with how my number was ported from my previous provider Sky. Having suggested this, he told me that I would have to contact BT again to let them know that the problem was not fixed. I was a little bit surprised that the engineer could not do this. I spoke to BT and the operative said that he would look into it and get back to me later that evening. He did not get back to me. I have called BT on several occasions since - they don't seem to understand how to resolve this problem and have not acted upon the engineers advice. The last operative told me that he would like to send out another engineer. I am very skeptical about this, given that I did not have a problem with the line with Sky and the first engineer apparently found no fault with the line or exchange.

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Re: Can't receive incoming calls

the engineer would not have been able to contact BT as he works for OPenreach NOT BT number porting problems are quite common and seem to happen regularly to ex sky customers
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