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Capping 101 on new build misaligned - problem?

Hello everyone, first time posting here so please redirect me to a more appropriate forum if I'm in the wrong place.

I've just moved into a new build home and discovered the misalignment shown in the photo.


a) Is this a problem (I'm thinking 'maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of my life')

b) What actions should I take to get it rectified? (I've reported it to the housebuilder but I'm prepared for them to wash their hands of it).


I've got the landline through TalkTalk and would rather not have to go via them, to be honest.


Capping 101 misalignment

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Re: Capping 101 on new build misaligned - problem?

Its Openreach that deal with the external network, not BT Retail or TalkTalk.


Openreach only deal with service providers, so your only option is to contact TalkTalk.


There is some info on this page



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Re: Capping 101 on new build misaligned - problem?

Don't think there is much they can do about it because of whatever that thing is to the left of the capping...

If you were to get an engineer out they would have to change the capping 101 as it's now obsulite as they aren't quite wasted proof enough...

The engineer would have to replace it with a BT66, which is much wider...

Saying that though he could use the longer capping and shift it slightly to the left but that may expose the internal cable your 2 bit builder has more than likely put in to the elements so it wouldn't last long...

You could always have the ducting moved, if you've got a spare £1000(ish) give or take...
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