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Connection fiasco - zero service quality

Having read a couple of other threads, the bext way does appear to try and keep emotions out of these situations, here goes.

Having taken over an existing property, I went through the different options for phone and internet providers, and ended up going with BT after hearing about the Talk talk data loss issue. So, I sign-up to BT unlimited and have to wait for 2 weeks as that is the earliest date an engineer can visit. I did question whether an engineer visit was required as the house had previously had BT connection, but told, no it requires an engineer. after 10 days waiting, I'm infoirm the good news, the engineer isn't required, just plug in the boadband kit when we send it, I ask them why they hadn't already sent it, to which the reply was, it is scheduled to arrive when the engineer visits. 

All relatively straight forward so far, just poor service quality. After plugging in the equipment all worked, for 10 days, then the line goes dead. I contact BT faults department, I'm told I may have to pay for an engineer visit, £139.99 if required, despite the set-up charge being part of the deal 4 weeks earlier when set-up. After several phone calls, I get a response that the fault has been identified at the BT exchange, the same one the guy connected up line at 10 days earlier. If I bought a toaster it would have a warrantly longer than 10 days. I'm informed it will take 4 days to fixe, which is almost half the time it has been working.

So, after multiple calls to try and speak with a manager within BT about poor workmanship, I gave up and tried to cancel the service. To which I was informed I couldn't without penalties as I'm only covered for 2 weeks from placing the order. I now know why the engineer visit is booked for 2 weeks after you place an order as you cannot back-out once you discover how useless BT service is.

Still sat without a internet connection, which does make running a business from home somewhat complicated.

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Re: Connection fiasco - zero service quality

@neilrimmer wrote:

Still sat without a internet connection, which does make running a business from home somewhat complicated.



Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum. Business users have a better Service Level Agreement.


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



BT do not permit you to use a residential account to run a business, as its against their T&Cs.

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