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Re: Correcting incorrect home address in Openreach database

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Hello everyone,


I recently tried to change providers from BT to Plusnet but encountered a problem.

When I ordered my telephone & broadband services to be switched to Plusnet they rang me to say they couldn't proceed with my order as BT were saying that my telephone number was linked to a different address. I was told by Plusnet that they had the correct address that I gave them & that I had to ring BT to tell them about this problem.

I rang BT & they said that they had the correct address on their database & that the wrong address wasn't linked to my telephone number in any way even after I mentioned that it might be the Openreach database that had the wrong address.

I then rang back Plusnet & they said that I had to ring BT yet again & insist that they contact Openreach to change the wrong address as they wouldn't be able to proceed with the order.

I had by now been on the telephone for over 2 hours ringing either BT or Plusnet & was fed up so cancelled my order to Plusnet until all this was sorted out.

I thought that switching suppliers was supposed to be easy & hassle free?

My question is how do I get to find out if Openreach has my correct address on their database & not the wrong address that Plusnet says it has as I don't want to encounter this problem in the future.

Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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