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Crackling on line and dodgy looking phone line bracket on house

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I have recently moved into an old cottage and the phone line was fine but a few months later it started crackling bad maybe due to the wet weather and cold. Now the internet keeps dropping out and connecting really slow. I did a speed test and it gave a ping of 900+ and 0.5meg up and 0.01 down... Usually i would have a ping of 30 and 3meg down and 0.5up not very fast as live away from the exchange

I have tried the phone just on its own in the master socket and its still the same. Also tried a different phone

People who call the house can also hear the crackling on the line.

Who do i contact to sort this? BT or EE as im with EE phone and broadband right now u till the end of the month where i switch to BT

Also who's responsible for the bracket that holds the wire from the telephone pole to my property? Its attached to the chimney with like a tensioned cable wrapped around the chimney and it has snapped so part of the bracket is dangling

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Re: Crackling on line and dodgy looking phone line bracket on house

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Welcome to this user forum.


You would need to report it to your current Service Provider who would pass it to Openreach.


Openreach are also responsible for the external network, so they should replace the bracket, provided that you mention it to the Openreach Field Technician when they visit.


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