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Customer service getting worse

Hi, not sure if anyone can help at all. We live a distance from the exchange all UG cabling, for the past several years we have had poor phone line, drop outs, crackle, no dial tone. So far we just put up with it. But last week I thought stuff this and reported the fault. Amazingly, BT turned up in a couple of days. However the fault is intermittent, so no fault could be found at the time. I'm an engineer myself, so understood this. I had explained that it's being going on for a while and that our neighbours had the same issue about 5 years ago, the solution seems to be that we should be moved to another cabinet. I suggested this to The BT engineer and showed him the cable route, (yes I know all the routes where I live as it's been going on soooo long). He seemed to think this could be done but would need a few hours to do it, and since the fault want actually present when he tested the line he couldn't do it. So fair enough this time I guess. Then the fault reappeared so I re logged the call. This has now gone on for two weeks tomorrow, four engineers later and we are still no further on!  

Today I took a day of as holiday again (3 so far in two weeks!) as we had an engineer booked via India for an engineer. At 1pm still no show, so checked with India and they say between 13.00-1800, so I wait in. 6pm passes, and still no engineer, call India again and they say there is no engineer booked! But I have a text message to say otherwise. The line has been down all day, apart from 30mins. And now it working again, no one has worked on the line, even though The call centre said they were at the cabinet and guaranteed a fix, funny that, I was on my mobile standing at the cabinet, so I drove the route to the exchange, no BT van enroute and no-one at the exchange. So now I have no idea when an engineer should attend or if ever will attend. 

Any ideas on who to chase next!

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Re: Customer service getting worse

Hi Daza1,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, I'm sorry about the problems you've had with the fault on your line. If you need any help with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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