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Distinguishing scam calls from genuine calls

I emailed BT last night about this mobile reception problem I've had for 2 months. Previously I've stressed repeatedly to them that they need to email me rather than ring me as I keep getting scam calls from BT.  They all sound the same whether genuine or scammers; either people with Indian or Chinese accents.
Got a phone call today from some guy that sounded like he came from India saying they're BT. I immediately said to him you need to email me, and I hung up. That was from the number 0897 9044786. Literally 2 minutes later I got another call allegedly from BT, a woman with a Chinese accent. I said the same and I hung up on them again. That was from number 0800 3289393 . . .  OOPS! Think that number might be genuine but the first wasn't! Then 40 mins later yet another call from BT. I started to bad tempered say that I've already specified I want to be emailed instead. As soon as I said that **she** hung up on me! From number 0897 9047719.

How the heck do I know whether to continue talking to all these people who claim to be from BT?

Why do the scam calls seem to be precipitated when I email BT or raise a complaint?
And why won't BT just email me instead?? I cannot tell the scammers from the genuine BT calls.  They know I'm getting loads of scam calls and they know I want them to email me instead.  But they just ignore me!
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