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Extreme difficulty in getting anyone with a brain to connect one of my properties!



My tenant ordered a new phone line to be connected to the property I rent out. However there is no hard line into the property whatsoever. My house which is conjoined is connected and it working perfectly. However I believe my house is using the last pair on the line. After helping my tenant out by ensuring someone is home while these imbeciles that call themselves "Openreach" inspect the property and install the new box they had a look at the property and saw nothing, then they went to the pole outside my house and fiddled around in there and still didn't connect my tenant up. After about 6 times openreach have come to my property my tenant is no better off with no phone line, being sat hours and hours on the phone speaking to someone who doesn't speak English and completely being fobbed off by Openreach, we are still none the wiser. I live in a rural area where my property is slap bang in the middle of the change over region between exchanges. My phoneline is connected to an exchange that is 7 miles away in one direction but the neighbouring property (not my tenant's) further up the road is connected to a fibre box that is 1 mile away in the other direction. Does anyone know what I can do as a landlord to help my tenant as we are both out of ideas and neither BT, the ISP they ordered the new connection with, or Openreach are willing to help the situation. 


Each time Openreach call out they can't wait to pull their finger out of wherever to press 'job done' on their tablet things and pass the book onto some other guy. 

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Re: Extreme difficulty in getting anyone with a brain to connect one of my properties!

Firstly the fact you neighbour is connected to another exchange won't help. The distribution point that serves your buildings (probably a black plastic box at the top of your pole) is only linked to the one exchange, and no amount of complaining is likely to change that because there won't be a route between that pole, and the pole serving your neighbour on the other exchange.


As you say the problem sounds like the cable from the Green PCP cabinet to your pole does not have any spare capacity on it. This means that Openreach may have to replace the cable all the way back to the PCP in order to serve your tenant, and that obviously costs a lot of money to plan and install - much more than they'll make back from a standard connection fee. But I believe they have obligations to serve habitable dwellings.


The fact that they have visited 6 times in itself suggests that the problem has not been escalated properly - suggest you need to raise a complaint with BT if the openreach engineers are just closing the job down without it being escalated to the engineering planning team. No amount of home visits are going to help until they make the cable to the pole bigger.




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Re: Extreme difficulty in getting anyone with a brain to connect one of my properties!

If there are no spares at the DP then the Engineers will pass he job back for a Survey, which I've no doubt they're doing as it's as simple as selecting an option on their iPhone or Laptop.......

Problem is the Planning/Survey Teams..... They're idiots who are instructed to always find the cheapest solution to provide service.... They'll come up with a Solution, or at least think they have from their office 50 miles away and send an Engineer out who will just prove its not possible then have to send it back....!
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