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FTTP - copper phone or fibre?

I’m a bit confused about how the phone is supposed to work when Infinity is supplied with FTTP. Information I’ve found online (and in the Smart Hub box!) suggests I should plug the phone into the ONT, and indeed the order process referred to a fibre phone line and removed Call Protect from the order for that reason. However, my install was yesterday and I don’t have a green TEL1 light on the ONT, suggesting it hasn’t been activated. The engineer didn’t seem to think I had a fibre phone service.


There is a copper line in the house which I’m told was reactivated on 29th December. Is this normal for an FTTP order? Problem is this appears to be faulty but BT won’t send an engineer unless I agree to pay a call out fee if the fault is found to be within the property. As I’ve only just moved in, I don’t want to take a chance that the previous occupants have done something to the wiring! It also doesn’t seem worth pursuing if I can get the phone connected over the fibre that’s just been installed.


Can anybody confirm how this is supposed to work?




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Re: FTTP - copper phone or fibre?

As far as I know, on BT's FTTP , your 'telephony' is delivered as 'FVA' fibre voice access , I doubt you would have your broadband over FTTP and voice over the copper landline, you did you would be paying effectively two 'line rentals''s possible that the FVA hasn't been activated yet, FTTP doesn't really piggy bag on a phone service like regular broadband but AFAIK you get a phone service included regardless of if you want one or not, and even if you don't want a phone , it's the same price , I would call the dedicated BT FTTP team to sort this out
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Re: FTTP - copper phone or fibre?

I install FTTP and can confirm on 99% on Provides BT still provide voice over the Copper Line even though FVA is available. The only time I ever see them provide voice via FVA now is on an FTTP only site or if a customer moves into a house and can’t bring their old number over as it’s a different Exchange. All brownfield sites though where the customer already has a working voice line and broadband over Copper they keep the Copper voice line.

I know a while back they couldn’t import numbers from the Copper Network to the FTTP one but this issues now been resolved so there’s no reason they couldn’t.

Doesn’t make much sense to me as BT have been wanting to get rid of the Copper Network for the past 40 years, now they have a chance they don’t seem to be taking it?????
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