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Re: Fake phone call from BT - broadband will be cut off today

Gosh - this thread still has legs, doesn't it!

 Someone mentioned here that he/she had received a scam text. I was hit by a Fraud email on the 5th May this year and it caused me hell. Although I didn't lose any money in the end, my bank had to close all my accounts and give me new ones = lots of work for me telling all my regular suppliers eg Gas, Electricity and so on. (My bank confirm I did nothing wrong & they still have no idea how the hackers by-passed their two-stage log-in system.)

But I'm still getting loads of fraud emails, apparently because my email address is still being sold on in the dark market or whatever it's called. Subjects at the moment are 'TV licence about to be cancelled', 'Claim a refund on your Council Tax' and 'Special offer from Netflix' - so take care when getting mobile messages.

The UK's biggest supplier of credit cards provide them in other companies' names eg Amazon and some of the well-known 'want a cheap loan' companies. And the fake or should I say fraud phone calls say they're from Amazon etc. 

So the fake/fraud phone calls aren't only about "BT cutting off your broadband".


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