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Faulty Phone Line

I have had no phone since 15.1.2013, the line is dead.  Because it had happened before I left it in the hope it would come back on but alas it did not so reported the fault on 21.1.13, BT were supposed to be in touch within 24 hrs but have not.  I have followed it up and have had two more emails from them giving me a report number.  The Broadband works ok although that goes off occasionally.  Mobile phones do not work where I live and have to travel at least 10 miles to pick up a signal, the only communication tool I have is the internet.  I live in a rural area, recently moved in, no neighbours and do not know anyone in the area enough to use their phone.

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Re: Faulty Phone Line

if you have a smartphone and your broadband is still working you can download bt smarttalk from the app stoter or itunes and install on your phone.  you MUST have a MYBT account - if not go to and sign up for MYBT.


once installed this will enable you to make calls on your smartphone using th app as if you were using you home phone and all charges are billed to your home phone.  so if you have anytime calls as part of your home package your call using smarttalk via mobile will be free as if you were using you home handset

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Re: Faulty Phone Line

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Did you report it on line or via the call centre?

Did you do the online checks with a known working phone in the test socket.


I suggest you get back to the faults department on 0330 123 4151 and get an update as well as a fault report number.

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