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Free calls to BT mobiles

For a couple of years, on our phone bill has been an entry "Free calls to BT mobiles".  When we signed up for (I think it was) Line Rental Saver, this was one of the benefits.  That is one of the reasons we chose to go with BT mobile for the kids' phones.  So, a few months ago, I was quite surprised to find that were changes on our bill for calls to BT mobiles.  The charges were not large amounts, but it was more the principle - if I was being explicitly told that we had free calls to BT mobiles, that is what I expected.  Therein began the long saga ...

I rang the BT billing number to query it.  After long discussions, the operator said it was an issue for BT mobile and transferred me to the BT mobile number.  I went through the whole story again and the operator agreed that it was nothing to do with BT mobiles, it was a landline issue and transferred me back.  I was eventually told that it was a temporary problem and it wouldn't happen again.  (Presumably just a fob off).

Unsurprisingly, a month or so later, it happened again.  I wanted to find out a straight answer.  Could we call the kids mobile phones and expect a large bill or not?  Once again, we got the run around.  Eventually a nice gentlemen told us that it was a benefit of having the Line Rental Saver, refunded our calls and told us the issue had been resolved.

Well, you've guessed it.  This month, more charges.  I rang up once again.  The operator initially tried to tell me it only applied to calls from the BT mobiles.  Really?  If that was the case, I had to point out, why did the entry appear under the  'Rental and other charges' section and not the 'BT Mobile' section.  In addition, with unlimited minutes on the mobile plan, what would the benefit be?  Round one to me, so off to talk to his manager ...

He eventually came back and stated that the 'Free calls to BT mobiles' only applied within one's calling plan.  Since we had changed our calling plan, that may  explain why we had started to be billed for them, but I am still not totally convinced.  At least I am now prepared to be charged for calls to BT mobiles.

So this post is really a two-part plea to BT:-

1)  Please train your staff to recognise the issue and to be able to give a definitive answer.

2) Please change the wording on the bill from 'Free calls to BT mobiles' to something more appropriate if that is not what you are offering.

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