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Having trouble with your phone line?

We can help you diagnose and fix your problem through a series of simple steps.

 Sometimes the problem could be with your own equipment or wiring.  If you are experiencing any of the following: 

  • No Dial Tone
  • Noisy or Faint Line
  • Unable to Dial Out
  • Unable to Receive Calls


Please check out our guide to some quick checks you can do yourself.

Track fault.png 

If you can’t resolve the issue by following these checks, you can report your fault to us online so we can investigate further. You can use this link to track the progress of existing faults as well. 

If you report a fault with your telephone service which is caused by a problem on the BT phone network, we’ll send out a technician free of charge. However, if the technician identifies the source of the problem as your wiring or equipment, we’ll have to charge you. So, it’s worth carrying out a few checks to locate the problem before you contact us.


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