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Help Guys Please

Hi guys need some advice.
At home I have the master socket that has a horizontal line on the front plate.
I have noticed that my phone line was not working and my internet was not working.
I could not receive or make calls and the internet was playing up.
I then removed the front plate of the master socket and connected the phone line (internet filter) direct the the master socket and now I have working internet and phone line, but I can make calls and when I receive phone calls, I can’t here the phone ringing but the line is ringing.
I have tried another phone and it’s the same issue.
I have purchased a new master socket and it’s the same issue. I have checked the wiring behind the master socket and it’s all intact.
Can someone shed any light?
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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Help Guys Please

does your master have 2 sockets fibre SSFP.jpg

or just the one?

if 2 then you need to remove the centre piece as well shown by yellow arrow to get to test socket


if you connect just phone to test socket and try with mobile does it ring now?

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