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Help required - a problem receiving SMS from some mobile providers

Is anyone alble to help resolve a problem with text messages to and from a land line phone please.  Are there any long standing issues sending and receiving texts between certain mobile phone providers as I have been having problems for some time.  I can send and receive texts to and from the land line between old style mobile phones on 02 and another provider.  Some months ago a relative using Orange (I think) was able to receive messages from my land line perfectly OK and then suddenly received them with no message content.  They contacted their provider who could not find a problem.  During this weekend a contact using Virgin network has sent a text to the land line which I have not received at all.  They informed me by email and I sent them a test text from the land line which they have received OK.  They sent a reply back to the land line which again I have not received. They have contacted their provider who has checked all connections at Virgin and there doesn't appear to be a problem.   Could someone inform me what is the likely cause of the problem, ie mobile network not recognising land line numbers as capable of receiving SMS messages, the BT SMS system, or my text enabled phone.  I look forward to any suggestions.  With many thanks.

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Re: Help required - a problem receiving SMS from some mobile providers

Hi Redlollipop


Did you get any resolution to your problem?  Sorry to ask so late after your post, but my mother has had a similar fault since March this year - she can send text messages to all networks on her sms-enabled landline BUT cannot receive replies from the Virgin/T-Mobile/EE group! 


Virgin say the messages are blocked by BT - however after exhaustive tests BT say that the problem must be with Virgin! Virgin reply that they can "do no more" because it is not their fault, BT say they can "do no more" because the problem with BT Text only occurs with that particular network... 


I have found it impossible to get either side to talk to each other rather than through me, so I am now preparing to involve the Ombudsman service in the hope that they may be able to at least initiate discussions between the technical experts on both sides.


Many thanks!!



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