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Hi All ..Phone line messed up and is somehow now connected to my neighbours as well

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Noticed a few days ago that the ring from my phone was a bit well, " weak" phone line finally died (no incoming or outgoing calls) 2/1/13 reported it almost instantly as I have a 67 year old mentally handicapped brother (who lives alone long story so wont go into detail ) who I look after, this involves ordering food online to be delivered paying bills and naturally speaking to him on a daily basis. My brother cannot use a mobile it is not suitable for him and while I can phone him on my mobile it is getting a rather expensive way to keep it touch. Obviously my Internet has also be affected and is at best patchy, only the other day I was speaking to my neighbour about it and he said he was also having problems but not at the level I was having, I suggested he contact BT and inform them he said he would ASAP. After my conversation I went in to my house and as I sat down the phone rang once (as it had done a few times since being cut off) I decided to try it to see if work was being done and tried ringing myself, it did not work but I could hear a conversation taking place ... It was my neighbour reporting his problems to BT, so it seems our lines have been crossed in some way, I joined in the conversation which threw the operator on the other end for a minute and amused both me and the neighbour. When I reported my fault I expected a delay in getting it done but was amazed when rather than the 3 day norm for the fault fix it was not going to be done until the The Jan at the earliest ... This is distressing for my brother as he expects my daily chat, even though I have tried to explain the situation to him it does little to ease his worry .... I have also done a follow up email via the complaints system outlining my predicament still no response or even a acknowledgement and still the line is all but useless ..... What more can I do ??????????

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Re: Hi All ..Phone line messed up and is somehow now connected to my neighbours as well

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Welcome to this customer to customer forum.


BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers. BT do not get any special treatment.

Openreach have a backlog of work at the moment.


All you can do is wait I`m afraid.


This may help in future.

Free Priority Repair Scheme information

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