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House Move Problems

I have recently moved into a new house, and arranged with BT to move my phone line (with a simultaneous provide of my PlusNet broadband) on 15 August.


15 August has arrived and gone and the phone line at my old house has now been ceased. However the line at the new property has not been activated, and the order tracker shows the order as still in progress.


I called BT on 16 August to get some kind of an update on what was going on. I elected to have a callback rather than sit on the phone (having to use my mobile), and was told I would get a call back within the hour. Six hours later, a BT representative called me back. They told me that there was a problem with the order and I would be called again the following Monday (19 of August) with an update.


Needless to say that the callback never happened, and we still have no working phone line, let alone internet. My partner needs the use of the internet for her home business - currently we are having to rely on my rapidly depleting mobile data allowance.


We have now been without phone service for several days. Please can someone advise as to how I can get some sort of resolution to get my phone line working?

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Re: House Move Problems

I feel your pain, as I'm in the same situation, though I've been waiting since 12th April.


In my experience, which has involved five lengthy conversations with five different people, each one will say that you will be contacted, and you will not.

The one useful thing you can do is ring them, ask them to institute a complaint and compensation, and ask them to give you access to BTWifi as they have not fulfilled their contract with you and given you a service. They can give you BTWifi for 30 days, and it means you can at least access Broadband, even though you have no phone.

I won't hijack your thread by tellilng you my tale of woe, but good luck with getting at least some Broadband access. You can also try @BTCare on Twitter, who do respond, albeit not always helpfully or consistently. Worth a try.

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