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House Move and Incompetent Staff

So very long story about to unfold. On Wednesday 25th November I called BT Home Move to let them know we were to move on the 8th December to a new property. They said they would raise the order and get out account and services moved across. Having not had any information about the order (no email, call or anything showing on our account) I called on the 28th to be told there was no order there and it would have to be raised again.


I then called on Monday (having no faith the new order would be raised) to be told the order was raised but there was an issue with it and having looked into it we couldn't do a house move but would have to cancel our existing service at our current address and raise a new account request for our new address. At this point I am starting to get worried nothing will happen in time as we are moving to a new build and know that we needed OpenReach to put the line in before we could get a service.


With my now full flow paranoia in place I called again on Tuesday to ensure everything was right this time, having been passed from the Home Moves team to the Order Management team and back again 3 times in total I finally managed to get someone at BT to take some form of responsibility for getting to the bottom of the house move issue. I got told "you have raised this incorrectly, it should be a house move" which annoyed me even further, but went through the process of putting the new account order on hold and raising another house move order, which promptly failed for the same reason as the first (second time I called) order did. This went on for nearly 2 hours of calls and discussions before someone re-started the order for the new account and told me I would know a date for installation by the end of this week.


Today I call in again to be told there are now problems with BT suppliers and they would not have a line until at least the 16th December to be able to do the house intall for our new line. I have tried escalating and raining a complaint (basically told there was nothing that could be done) so now I am stuck in our new house with a revised installation date of the 21st December with no way to bring this forward. This leaves us in our new home with no phone line or internet for a period of time which is totally unacceptable. If the order was dealt with properly originally we would have had our phone and downgraded braodband in the house from a week on Monday and not the week after (something we could have lived with).


Also, the system for a new order is slightly rediculous. At the end of our road there is a big green BT box with the "Infinity is Here" signs all over it, yet we cannot order infinity from day 1, we have to get old style broadband from our original installation and cannot order the upgrade until the initial installation has been done (another 2 week delay).


So in summary I ordered our house move on day 1, it took until day 7 to actually get someone working on it, this means we are going to have an installation of a downgraded service done on day 27 with a supposed upgrade to retain our full current service on day 43 if everything goes correct from this point. This is a rediculous delay and over work (would potentially require 2 engineer call outs as well which if I hadn't argued it was a continuation of service would have cost £260 in total).


To be told I was the one at fault for raising the wrong type of order is rediculous.


To have a delay caused by lack of training for the help desk staff of 7 days is rediculous.


The whole way we have been treated in this process is beyond rediculous and needs to be resolved. Having done the reasearch non-BT companies get a better service from OpenReach and more communication which is rediculous from a member of the same group of companies.

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Re: House Move and Incompetent Staff

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Re: House Move and Incompetent Staff

Hi Canis,


I’m really sorry to hear of the problems that you’ve had with your order.  I think your best bet would be to contact our order team and allow them the chance to put things right.  I will drop you a private message now which will include the link to our order team whereby you can online chat with them.  This order team is based in the UK and will own your complaint until everything is sorted out. If you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.





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