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How to arrange a visit with a bt engeneer?

I would like to become a BT costomer, but I live in a "hospital accommodation" - a building with separeited rooms. I have asked the accommodation office for a permission to open a land line , and I got the answer:

"I have been told that no drilling can be made into the building. However if you explain to BT that if there is another way round since we have BT lines running in the Nurses Home maybe they can do something from there and if you can stress to them no drilling is allowed in the building."

Wonder if it is possible? I think I will need a BT engeneer to come and see the place and advice me! But I can not find any  phone  anywere! Can somebody advice me how to contact with them?

Thank you!

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Re: How to arrange a visit with a bt engineer?

If you simply place an order with BT, they will pass the request to Openreach, who will liase with the hospital, and arrange a suitable route.


Most of these building already have internal DPs (Distribution Points), so I cannot imagine it will present any problem to an experienced Openreach Field Technician.


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