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I can't get phone fault fixed

BT is driving me crazy. I have lost my phone line (no dial tone) but the broadband on the same line is fine. Using the website I get into an unavoidable loop which always goes back to a line test and then always reports " Consumer Fault tracking - Error notification. Sorry we cant complete your request at the moment due to technical error. Please try again", It also says there are no general service faults in our area. If I call the fault number the automated system again does a line test while I wait and then does nothing but suggests I try the website as speaking someone is very difficult as there are long delays (not a good idea for me on my mobile).


Has anyone any ideas how to move forward? 



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Re: I can't get phone fault fixed

have you tried testing your phone from the test socket to eliminate any problems with your internal wring.  broadband can work of 1 of the 2 wires connected but would be slower than normal  test socket.jpg

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