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I wish BT would simply be rude to me....

I wish BT would simply be rude to me.... rather than the deceitful passive indifference.


Yet another issue over phone faults.  We have 3 lines to our house, and all 3 went down early on Saturday morning. The system showed an area fault and an estimated repair time of noon today (Tuesday) - we are past that now. That was 3.5 days from the fault, surely long enough to get most sorted out?


The fault was shown as supsected cable theft, so BT must have known what was wrong. Or was this just a random excuse, chosen by the Random Excuse Generator?


25 minutes before the estimated repair time.  BT said they need more time - next Monday at 21:00. So, that's around 10 days from the original fault, and really it is only an estimated date.  Why did it take so long to find out, and why was misleading information given in the 1st place?  If BT had to send an engineer on to site to find out what was wrong, why give a misleading fault reason and repair date in the 1st place?  Why not just say that an engineer will inspect on Tuesday morning?  That would be honest.  Not very helpful, but at least honest.


As it is, because of the dishonesty so far, I really do not know where I stand. 


As we cannot manage without Internet access, I bought a mobile dongle.  If I need to buy more, and it looks like that will be necessary, will I get any help from BT?


Finally, is there anywhere else I can get a phone line from?  I know that there are lots of telecom providers, but they all seem to end up at open reach, which seems to be where all the problems lie.

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Re: I wish BT would simply be rude to me....

BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers. BT do not get any special treatment. I suspect you have guessed that much.

Openreach have a backlog of work due to the recent bad weather, so installation and repairs are taking much longer than normal.

BT rely on updates from Openreach to update their fault estimates.


If you have three lines, are you a business user?


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Re: I wish BT would simply be rude to me....

We have two home lines and one business line provided by the charity my wife works for. She uses that for work, yes.  Her work involves supporting people with strokes.  This is hampering her ability to help these people. 


BT regards itself as separate from OpenReach, yet owns OpenReach....? 

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Re: I wish BT would simply be rude to me....

You should be able to get the business line fixed much quicker, as it gets priority over the residential lines.


Do you have any of these options on the business line?


Perhaps the line is just Standard Care or Prompt care?


If all the lines have the same fault, then chasing up Business Repair would be your best option.


Who are Openreach?


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Re: I wish BT would simply be rude to me....

No, this is a BT Retail forum. Not a British Telecommunications plc forum. BT Retail and Openreach are owned by British Telecommunications plc. Openreach aren't owned by BT Retail.

Although they are owned by the same company they act and operate completely independently from one another.

Problem with the British Telecommunications Group is that people see it how it was 30 years ago. It's come along way since then, they actually own something like 200 companies in over 100 different countries now.