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Intermittent Caller Display Issue

I wonder if anyone can help. My father uses a TrueCall unit to identify and block scam calls, which have plagued him. However, it relies on Caller Display to work effectively. And the Caller Line Identification is erratic, Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I have tried everything I can think of. Changed the phone's rechargeable batteries, changed the handsets for new phones, changed the micro filter, changed the cables, changed the TrueCall unit, all to no effect.  It had all worked perfectly until recently. I have also raised Broadband and Landline faults. BT admitted both were defective. There was a loop fault, so they sent an engineer who changed the master socket, and the broadband kept dropping out, so they fixed it. I got them to disable and reenable Caller Display on the line.  I even asked them to do a "lift and shift" at the exchange, as I had read that it might solve the problem. According to them everything is now hunky dory. And when I log into my father's account, in his Call Protect section I can see the last 20 numbers. So the CLI is working at their end, but for some reason it isn't working inside the house.   

Does anyone with more experience of these matters have any other suggestions for where the problem might lie, or other things I can try? Ditching the TrueCall unit would be a last resort, as he is very old and struggles to adapt to new technology. Apologies in advance for any errors in nomenclature or understanding, as I am far from expert in these matters, as is probably clear!

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Re: Intermittent Caller Display Issue

Hi. Have you tried dialling *#234# on your phone and listening to the announcement?

It should tell you either way if caller display is enabled 

Can I suggest if it is you locate your main socket and to remove the front plate and try plugging a known working phone into the test socket located within. 

This will discount any issues with wiring or attachments on your house. 

If it works here there is something in your home masking the caller display. If it still does not work here I suggest you get back onto your Line provider and inform them what you have done 

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