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Intermittent phone cut-out- trying to fault-find remotely!

My elderly mother is having trouble with her phone, but I don't live nearby to help her find out the problem. I've got a whole range of potential causes but it may be that someone out there can deduce anything by the symptoms. Basically, every now and again the phone cuts out during a call, it's completely dead her end but a recorded message plays to the other caller saying something like "please do not hang up". Then a short while later the call reconnects.

Now there have been questionable quality in calls from her landline for a while, but this particular behaviour hasn't happened until I bought her a new phone, a Gigaset C570.

One option is she's accidentally pressing one of the buttons against her face- I know you can mute a call from the handset, does anyone know if the other caller hears a recorded message like that if so?

However, and the reason I'm posting up here, is there anything in the BT system that plays a message like this if the line has a problem i.e. nothing inside the house?

Cheers for any help, I'll be googling issues with the phone separately.


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Re: Intermittent phone cut-out- trying to fault-find remotely!

Is your mother a BT customer or does she pay her line rental to another ISP - SKY, Talk talk etc

bear in mind phone faults are responsibility of openreach not BT Retail

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Re: Intermittent phone cut-out- trying to fault-find remotely!

The ‘please don’t hang up’ is sent from the other party’s telco , so does this happen on calls from more than one person, and is that person (or persons)  also on ‘BT’ ?, assuming BT is your mothers provider .
It could be , that for whatever reason, your mother is effectively putting the existing call on hold , a legitimate use would be something like setting up a three party call, so it could be the phone instrument itself is faulty ( by indicating this to the calling party ) or as you say perhaps something like the ‘recall’ button is being inadvertently pressed, however I would have thought your mother would get a new dialtone in this situation rather than just a dead line.....TBH, before reporting a fault to her provider, I would try another phone, possibly with less features, to eliminate the possibly of miss-operation, or faulty kit.

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