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Is this a genuine text?

Recieved this by text recently but haven't had any contact or requested termination - is it a scam?

"Hello, BT here. We're sorry to hear you want to leave us. Just so you know, there's GBP72.22 to pay on your account for leaving BT. You'll also lose your BT Halo benefits. If you'd like to talk to us about this, you can call us on 0800 678 1974. If we don't hear from you by 2pm on 25-Nov-2020, your move will go ahead as planned. Thanks."

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Re: Is this a genuine text?

It could be someone either by accident or maliciously has started the process to takeover your line, assuming it’s a mistake  your address  may have genuinely but incorrectly been entered by the company starting this migration, it can happen, especially if your address is in a non standard format , like flat 6, 12 Nonsense Lane, perhaps it’s flat 5 getting a new occupant, ( that type of thing ) if it’s not a mistake perhaps it’s slamming, where a disreputable company cold call and although they are told ‘No’, they go ahead  anyway.

Its not likely to be a scam in this case , and calling your provider should stop this takeover taking place, TBH (AFAIK) a ten day window is built into the process and  as you have less than a day to stop the takeover, presumably you got the text more than a week ago, better respond quickly 

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Re: Is this a genuine text?


If we don't hear from you by 2pm on 25-Nov-2020, your move will go ahead as planned. Thanks.

You've left this a bit late, you would of been sent that around the 11th November, I'd advise ringing the Loyalty or Value team ASAP, they are open until 9pm tonight, ring 0800 800 150 or 150 from your BT number if you're concerned the number isn't genuine.

You would also of had a letter, email and an automated call when the takeover was requested.

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