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Keeping existing number

We're moving into a rented property on Monday. We're renting the house from a couple who will be moving abroad for a year, and who have lived in the house for nearly 30 years.


I've been in touch with BT to arrange activating the line when we get in the house. We decided that we'd keep the same number that is already in the house because the couple may still receive calls whilst their abroad and when they return, they will want the same number they've had for 30 years and not have to let everyone know a new number.


I called BT on Friday who set up for the line to be activated in my name on the Wednesday. I was told, and have been on 3 or 4 occasions when I've called BT, that keeping the existing number isn't possible, as they can't guarantee that the number will be available, and they can't attach it to our account whilst it's still active. So I signed up for the new BT account, and told the landlords that I'd been advised it wasn't possible, which slightly upset them.


The landlady called me this morning to say she'd spoken to BT to arrange cancellation/deactivation of their account on the line for on the Monday and that she had been told that we were to call up when we were in to reactivate the line in our name and they would assign the number to us.


I've called BT this evening to cancel the account, and was told that we could attempt to recover the number when the account we'd signed up for on Friday was active, but there were no guarantees we could have the number. So I left it at that and called the landlady to let her know, but she was rather upset this time that a new number would have to be in place for us, and eventually them when they return. So I've called BT once again to actually cancel the new order, and again they confirmed it would not be possible to have their number, no matter what.


I've cancelled to attempt to do things the way the landlady has been told by BT. I don't think we will get the number.


Basically I'm posting to ask if anyone has had any experience around this - is it in fact possible, and I need to put my foot down with BT a bit more, or is it a case that the landlady has been misinformed/not understood correctly?


I feel we're in an awkward position now, as I've made so many calls to BT and spent much time trying to keep their number but in our name, but she doesn't believe/understand that it can't be done, and, as it stands, it's either upset them or go without a phone line/internet...


Help please, thanks!!

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Re: Keeping existing number

Hi Gemmalou,


Welcome to the Forum and thank you for posting. As long as the number you are wanting to keep is free, you should be able to get this activated in your name. If you email me your order details, along with a link to this thread I will get this arranged for you. My email address can be found by clicking on my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: Keeping existing number

Email sent, thanks.
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