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Landline - No dial tone

I don't really use my landline very often but it hasn't worked for a while now, probably a few months. When I do a speed test, I am getting around 70 Mbps so I assume this is VDSL in action. In which case, don't I need a new socket for the phone line? I actually thought I needed a new router but my old home hub works (this had been stable as a rock until about 2 weeks ago when it went down for a few days, when it came back up it keeps getting dropped about once a night around the same time, that's another issue though and I am trying a new tp link router to see if that helps).

I am guessing the landline went down about the same time the VDSL upgrade happened at the cabinet. 

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Re: Landline - No dial tone

Hi. Can I suggest that you try a know working corded phone into the test point of your main socket. If there is no dialtone you will need to report this fact your CP.
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