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Landline problem, also affecting broadband

Hi all,

Firstly, I’ve asked the BT help team on Twitter about this but they’re taking so long to reply to messages I got impatient and wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience.

My phone line and broadband both went off this morning. After about half an hour of flashing orange light, the broadband came back on and at about half the usual speed and has stayed that way. The phone line however has remained off, been getting the error message about checking the line cord but all connections are fine. If I call the number I hear a ring on the calling phone but nothing comes through and it’s dead when I pick it up so no dial tone.

No faults reported in the area and the test on the BT website took me to the “send an engineer” page. I don’t think it can be anything on our side as nothing was touched, the setup that has worked fine just suddenly went off. I’m waiting back on the twitter exchange with the help team before booking that through.

This happened to anyone else? 
I should also add that I tried removing the filter and connecting the phone directly to the line to see if it would work then and it didn’t. 




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Landline problem, also affecting broadband

if you have no dial tone even from test socket then report a phone fault not broadband to 151

broadband can work with one wire connected but slowly whereas phone needs both

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