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Landline usage out of date on account

Posts on this seem to go back even to 2014. I received an email on 18th July saying I was at the limit of my 500 minutes per month allowed and the limit would be renewed again on 23rd July. Logging into my account, the usage said 435 minutes, so not true BT.  On the renewed allowance date of 23rd it said I had used 499 minutes. Today (24th) it still says 499 minutes used, even though I should have had zero usage from 23rd. How can their software be so inaccurate? And when will it update (accurately) every four hours as it claims on the web page? Anyone else having this problem? If BT already know the renewal date why does this not show on my usage page and why are they suggesting I upgrade my package when I have NOT reached the 500 minutes limit?

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