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Learn to fight back against scams

Scams are emails, texts, voice calls or other messages made to look and sound like they've come from a trusted company. They’re designed specifically to get hold of your personal information - they can be very convincing and look or sound like genuine messages sent by organisations you already deal with.


At BT, we work hard to protect our customers from scams. However, with more people being targeted each week and an influx of people working from home, we have some advice on how you can protect yourself from a potential scam contact.


We’ll never ask for your PIN or banking passwords. And we’ll never send you an email saying your broadband, router or IP address has been hacked. So if someone’s doing these things and claiming to be from our company, it’s definitely a scam.


Unfortunately, that isn’t everything you need to look out for:

  • If someone calls you unexpectedly asking you to make a payment you don’t remember owing or asks to take over your computer or device, be cautious – it could be a scam. Hang up and report this to us.
  • If you get a text with a link to a website, don’t click it unless you trust the sender. It could be a scam. Someone could be trying to get hold of your data or money. If in doubt forward the text to 7726 for free and we’ll investigate.


If you think you may have been victim to a scam, you can report this in the following ways:

  • Scam Call – report at
  • Scam Email – forward to and delete
  • Scam Text – forward to 7726 and delete
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