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List of incoming calls



Really simply query here.


Is it possible for BT to provide a list of all incoming calls to my BT number over a period of several weeks? This would be retrospectively (i.e. I don't want to set something up now, I want the information for weeks that have already passed).


That is INCOMING and not OUTGOING ones.


Many thanks


: )

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Re: List of incoming calls

Hi Khubkube,


Thanks for posting. If your bills are fully itemised you will see any chargeable calls listed on it since your previous bill. Unfortunately we can't offer you any information on incoming calls.





Community ModeratorDavidM
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Re: List of incoming calls

Hi, I have an open dispute / complaint with BT. They called me on Monday 19th September 2011 in the afternoon on my home number and offered me a £10 credit which is all I was seeking and I accepted.

Subsequently they have emailed to say they won't offer me anything and there is no record on file of the call that was made to me.

Am I able to get evidence of this incoming call or can the ombudsman request i?

I think the number they called me from was 0800 3289393 and this does go back through to BT but with an automated response saying 'We tried to call you earlier but you were out...'

Does anyone from BT know if that 0800 number would be / could be the number they called me from?

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Re: List of incoming calls

Hi this is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

From the comments you have made about the number you quoted it would seem likely that it could have been that number

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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