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Master Socket


I have to move my BB router away from living room so that I can run Cat5e cables to it from every room (Wireless isn't good enough for me).

New location doesn't have any extension sockets so I have to install one. After spending a day searching for the Master socket to connect an additional ext, all I found is an ordinary socket in the utility room where all other extensions are connected.


Since this is a new built house, utility room (closer to front door) has a standard extension socket (no condensor, resistor, etc) and there is a gray box out side my front door.


Important thing is all my phone lines and broadband are working fine. Smiley Happy


My question is

  1. Is it usual for BT not to install a Master Socket if there is a socket pre-wired to outside duct by the builder/contractor already.
  2. If not How is it connected to my sockets ????
  3. Or BT's responsibility ends with the grey box out side and everything else from it is my responsiblity ??? (If so I have to claim back my connection fee Smiley Mad)

Reason for the question above is, at a later date if something goes wrong with my line.... BT will blame me and even fine me for having a non BT socket connected to their gray box out side (being so useless in helping the customers I am worried BT may harrass me for more money).


I ordered the new telephone line when we moved into this new house. Then I didn't care much about what the BT eng. did to connect my telephones.


If this will be a problem how can I resolve this???

Appreciate your adivce on this


Many thanks



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Re: Master Socket

Hi on new build properties the grey box outside is classified as the master socket as that has the test socket within it it is the house builders responsibility for internal wiring they leave a cable inside the grey box for the openreach engineer to connect up to the internal connections of that grey box that is basically what the engineer would have done at installation so the installation is still chargeable Basically that grey box replaces your master socket so no there would be no blame on you at all this has been normal practice on new builds for several years now please do not worry you will not be blamed or fined as you put it as any future fault tests would be carried out to that box as internal wiring is the customers responsibility

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Master Socket

Yeah, you have an external NTE. Openreach brought them out about 4/5 years ago thinking it would make it easier for them and customers because engineers would not need access inside your house if you report a fault.


Not all new builds will have them, my house was built only last year and doesn't have one. It all depends on what the property developer wants Openreach to do, I am guessing it is/was cheaper to get Openreach to install the External NTE than it does an internal one.


Openreach have actually now stopped installing them because they are actually more hassle then they are worth as there is to much confussion with customers as to what their service provider is responsible for.



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