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Moving Home

Hi all


Hope someone can advise. I request a home move in November last year for a move at 1st Feb 2012. I requested keeping the same number as I've moved into a family home for a year or so and the owners wants to retain the number when he moves back in the future.


Other than my confirmation email I don't remember having any other correspondence from BT so I assumed the home move was complete as requested.


However I logged into my account this week to check the final bill for my previous property only to find that my old number is still registered against my account (disconnected). I contacted BT to be told that the previous bill payer is still responsible for the number and until he cancels will continue to be so.

Acting on this advice I contacted previous bill payer who immediately cancelled his account. I contact BT again to request the number be allocated to me but was told the number would be disconnected on the 5th Mar but if i contacted them again on the 12th they could action the request. 

After complaining to a 'floor manager' I was told the number would be disconnected on the 5th but active again on the 6th.

I've checked my initial order number but it's no longer live on my account.

Does it really take all this to change responsibilty of who pays the bill?




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Re: Moving Home

Try Live Chat

That is the preferred and quickest way to contact BT.

They should be able to tell you what is going on

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