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My new cordless has no Dial Tone :(

Hi Guys,


I hope you can help me sort out this problem. I am using my Bt landline for last 11 moths with BT Studio 3100 (basic) cordless phone.


Recently I bought a new phone which is Panasonic KX-TG5671, but when I plugged in this coedless in my BT line, I can't any dial TONE, its silent and I am unable to make or receive any phone calls. 


I thought the problem lies with my phone, so I tried the same phone at my friend's place (who have a VIRGIN media line) and guess what, it worked with NO Problem, which means there is problem with my BT Line? Also, I have been to COMMIT and one of the guy there told me that sometime BT Cordless can pick BT signals and we have to call and ask BT to adjust it for other it true?


Could you please help or suggest me how to solve this issue. Also, how can I contact BT technical support team?


Let me know if you more information on this.







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Re: My new cordless has no Dial Tone :(

Wouldn't know what the Comet chap was on about as the phone network is BT wholesale backbone and therefore all the same. The model number you mentioned doesn't appear on Panasonic's website, is it right?

Ypou could have some local interference stopping your handset 'talking' to it base station?


Check your exchange or major service outages

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